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About Ms. Techgi

Ms. Techgi is a banking innovation catalyst who has been in the banking industry for more than 10 years. She is dedicated to lead the change in the financial industry via technology advancement. Ms. Techgi spent her career life across various departments in banking, including Corporate and SME Banking, Equity Capital Markets, Fintech Partnerships and Innovation Strategy. Her geographic focus are the Asia markets, esp. in Singapore and Hong Kong. She is also a fellow of Master of Information Technology in Business (Fintech) at Singapore Management University.

Ms. Techgi created this blog to help people (even outside the FI industry) to understand the latest FI innovation and technology trends, since she sees it become more relevant to everyone’s daily life. She is also passionate about discussing ideas with people. She is open to share her experience of leading the innovation and lessons she learnt. She hopes to help her readers obtain inspiration which might be applicable to their own industries or development.




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