Hungry for some Fintech news and opinions? Check these sites out!

I have got some enquiries asking for a list of resource to refer to for good banking innovation and Fintech readings. Here I just pull out some general sites that I enjoy getting information and insights from.

If you are looking for quick read and updates:

1. Bank Innovation

This site provides Fintech trends update, news, and latest bite-size data. A good pool of resource if you are looking for updates on what various financial institutions are doing to innovate.

2. Finextra

It covers significant technology news in both wholesale and retail banking, the capital markets and insurance.  Contents are good, short and sweet. It has become my daily news source for the morning.

3. The Fintech Times

A newspaper dedicated to Fintech. Daily news update is available on site. Each month the newspaper explores a new Fintech sector, interviewing thought leaders and experts, digs into the idea, people and technology. Site articles are free while monthly newspaper is for sale.

4. Fintech Weekly Magazine

Fintech Weekly is a magazine type of publication. While it publishes its own articles, it also collates articles from various sources including Bank Innovation, Wired, Finextra, CB Insights, etc. Hence, its archive is a consolidated knowledge base for Fintech articles.

If you are looking for more insights:

1. Breaking Banks

This site is founded by Brett King, the CEO of Moven and the author of Fintech books including Bank 2.0, Bank 3.0, and Breaking Banks. Brett King hosts a recognized radio show related to Fintech on this site. A new episode is available every Thursday. He also invites guest speakers from financial institutions and Fintech startups for sharing and industry insights.

2. Chris Skinner’s blog

This is one of my favourite Fintech blogs. Chris is the author of the bestselling book Digital Bank. He has been voted one of the most influential people in banking by The Financial Brand. In this blog, he provides his opinion on various financial technology trends.

The above would be a good list to start with. Of course, there are more to mention when we refer to country-specific or technology-specific readings. Welcome your suggestions for other sources that you find helpful or interesting.

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