Welcome to FI Innovation

Welcome to FI Innovation! It has been some time since I had the idea of building a blog related to financial institution technology and innovation. It all started when I began to work in the Fintech partnership field and was doing more and more research in this area. There are tons of useful, helpful, and informative blogs out there and I benefitted lots from them. While Financial Technology has been gaining ground and becoming more relevant to everyone, I find the blog resources are rather technical and relevant to people in the industry. I believe it would be beneficiary to create a blog for everyone, more than just the people of the FI industry. I want to create something fun to read, easy to follow and a blog of personal style.

So here we are! In the blog, my sharing would range from latest financial technology trends, industry events, to personal experience of working with Fintechs and various partnerships.

Financial technology has been gaining its ground in global financial industry in the past 10 years. The trend would only accelerate and I expect significant change in the financial landscape in the coming 3-5 years. Banks, insurance companies, asset management firms and securities house would face more intense disruption than ever. It would be interesting to witness the change and it is definitely an exciting time to be in the FI industry (if you are the ones leading the change, not resisting it).

I ask you to join the discussion or give me any feedback if there are any information you would like to clarify, further discuss or disagree with. I believe vigorous discussion benefits both and all (the readers) of us. Your comments are welcome. Let’s kick start our journey to shape tomorrow’s financial world!

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